Friday, April 18, 2008


When I was 10 my parents built a new house. It was a great house, big and roomy, huge basement to play in and roller skate in as a preteen, play pool in as a teenager, big enough for the much needed teenager privacy. My parents owned it until after my brother graduated college and I got married. They made sure we were both not coming home again when they decided to sell. And it was a huge decision for them to make. And one they backed out of a few times before they decided to go for it and downsize.

Now eight years later that house is for sale for the second or third time. Being nosey I went and looked it up online and looked at all the pictures and took the virtual tour. It was so disappointing. Nothing in that house is the same as it was when we lived there. Not even the backyard.

I don't know what I expected but definitely not what I saw. And I was upset. Until today...... My husband and I bought our house just about a year ago. Since then we have created a long list of things we want to change both inside and outside. We have started some of the things and this week I have finally started tackling the backyard. That is when it hit me...what is one person's likes and styles is another person's to do list to fix. I love our new house but I want to make it mine. And that is all the people who bought "my" old house did too. And I bet the people who owned this house before us would be upset with some if not all of the changes we make.


Juli said...

Awwwww {{{{{{{{{Amy}}}}}}}} Do you ever watch that show on TLC about this? I can't remember what it's called? Either Moving Up or Property Ladder. They follow people who move and then they go back to see the changes in their own old house. I always feel so bad for the ones who get upset over changes.

Regi S. said...

You didn't share the link to the house with us??! FOR SHAME !