Saturday, July 19, 2008

Musical memories

Growing up my grandfather, Jack, instilled in me a love for musicals. I remember singing Camelot songs with him after he would tell me stories of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. When he didn't introduce me to a musical, Mom did. Camelot, My Fair Lady, Flower Drum Song, Sound of Music, Annie Get Your Gun and The King and I, are just a few of the musicals introduced to me at a young age. I remember listening to Jack and Gee-Gee's records and memorizing the words to them all. And even today so many of those songs are on my iPod.

Then newer Broadway musicals came out and Jack would tell me all about them and get me the soundtracks to listen to. I remember getting woken up on visits to his house in Florida to the opening strands of Phantom of the Opera, Les Miz or Cats. The first time I saw Phantom in a theatre was in Los Angeles, with Robert Guillaume as the Phantom. I never sat back in my seat and was just in total awe.

Then Rent came out and broke the mold for Broadway musicals. I was in love with the music and "new" style of music from it long before I ever got a chance to see it on stage. It was the first musical I ever dragged DH to. Poor man was shell shocked and I was in heaven.

As I was pregnant with my on I was so anxious to share my love of musicals with someone who would "get it" like Jack, Mom and I do. So far at four Bo-Bo doesn't share my enthusiasm but laughs at some of the songs I play for him but he seems as uninterested as his father. Now that I am pregnant again I have high hopes that I will have another chance to share my love of musicals with some one.

Now I sit here tonight and am watching the movie version of Phantom. Nothing like the actual show on Broadway but oh the memories it brings back. :*)