Friday, March 21, 2008

That Man of Mine

My husband is not a perfect man. No man is thankfully. And many times I will freely admit my husband has faults and I may even find a few for you. But my husband is the love of my life. Not only that he is my best friend. When we first met it was very easy for me to see myself falling in love with him. He was kind, helpful, friendly and great with the little boy I was a nanny for. He held his cool in an emergency and calmed this crazy girl down who was trying hard not to panic and not succeeding. Oh an he put up with my bossy, know it all attitude. :X The past few weeks he has been put out by me and my inability to do anything (darned appendix removal). He has picked up and done everything around here: laundry, groceries taking care of Bo-Bo and the cat, meals and driving to daycare. All while handling his own job and needs; not to mention my care. Has he griped and complained? Oh yes, but he does it ( and does it well, for that matter too) and in the process lets our son and I know we are loved and cared for. All in all that is what matters, right? Being loved and cared for. My husband does that for us in all of his quirky ways. He loves us and we love him.

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