Saturday, August 30, 2008

Things about me you may not know....

In reading some of the blogs of a few of my friends I see that they have listed little known facts about themselves. That got me thinking about things people may not know about me. Or you may know them since I do talk a lot and tell a lot of information about myself.

1) I can stick out my tongue and touch my nose.

2) I can raise one eyebrow and curl my lip. Kinda like Elvis or that wrestler the Rock (at least that is what my students tell me, LOL)

3) I can not stand folding laundry, putting away laundry or cleaning my house.

4) When I was younger I hated my name. Especially my middle name. Then about 18 I started really liking it and now I love it. In fact I love it so much I am determined to have it as my daughter's middle name when she is born in January.

5) I spent 4 years at college in Boston, started off in a science field and discovered that I suck at sciences, so I switched to retailing management. I received my degree in it and worked in that field for a few years and discovered that I hated every minute of it towards the end.

6) The friends I talk to the most and tell the most to are spread all across the country. In fact 3 of them I have never met face to face and the other 3 I have only met face to face less than a handful of times. But they are great friends and we are there for each other through most things. Even if we don't agree on politics. ;-)

7) I loathe politics and am not even registered to vote in my new town. Something I guess I need to change in today's day and age. And I know one friend who would love to help me form my opinions.

8) I go back to work on Tuesday and really want to have more of a tan so that my coworkers don't know I did relatively nothing this summer.

9) My husband and I met when I was a nanny for a family in the town I grew up in. He was installing an alarm for that family and I was insistent that he had to do everything that the family wanted despite that what they wanted was impossible. He thought my determination was cute. Then when the 7 yr old cut his hand wide open on a can he was wonderful in helping me keep both the 7 yr old and the 18 month old calm. He was so good with that 18 month old that is what attracted me to him. Who knew 11 yrs later we would be married and expecting our 2nd child.


*~~*Inger*~~* said...

I had NO idea that's how you and Steve met!!! What a great story!! :*)

Juli said...

Awwwww :-)
:::::::::::::smooches:::::::::: Love you, too!! :)

Regi S. said...

Love that story ! :) You don't update this thing enough. Best way to pick a future daddy :*)

CA Girl in 10-OC said...

Loves ya!! We want more!!!

Amanda said...

I love the Steve story:*) He's going to melt when baby girl comes:)